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doves protection

Doves protection

  • Desinsekta company provides loggia nettings
  • Mounting stickers to prevent doves roosting.
  • Other building and flats protection

This activity has been carried out in coordination with National Health Institute, Prague (Státní zdravotní ústav v Praze) since 1996. It is based on valid law and regulations.

Broken facades are a suitable environment for a rock dove (Columba livia), which is confirmed by many of these doves living mainly on the historical, but also on modern buildings and causing pollution by an highly aggressive dove droppings. Dove excrements not only cause facade damage and means building aesthetic problems, but also can be a source of allergic diseases and host of many parasites (limpets, bed bugs etc.). Doves prefer places secure against bad weather – warm, places where they can nest or places close to feed sources (lower mouldings on squares and pedestrian zones).


Building protection against birds is a very specialised area in pest protection business. City birds are able to move from object to object according their needs. They are very adaptable to changing conditions and very resistant. An effective protection of a particular object depends on a well – chosen protective system, its quality and experienced applying company.

Based on the shape and level of attacked area, the most effective system must to be chosen. On a single building, even more kinds of protective systems can be used in different segments. Treatment can classified according to level of affection to highly, medium and lowly exposed areas.

Highly exposed areas birds use to night resting and nesting. If only preventive treatment is used, birds are going to come back anyway. It is necessary to use nets or, if a particular area enables it, sticker system. Treated areas most be consequently covered by stickers all around with no places left.

Medium exposed areas birds use for day resting. They are often located close to their regular feed source. Netting, stickers or wire system can be used in this case.

Lowly exposed areas birds settle by chance. It is possible to treat only only area borders to make landing difficult for birds. Stickers and wires systems, ´The Spider´ rotate system or repellent mastics are used in this case.

After treating highly and medium exposed areas, it is possible that birds will move to a nearest untreated areas.

Doves protection


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