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"Methodical protection against pests".

Disinsectization is a field specialised in methods and substances to eliminate insect and arthropods. In human communities, it is focused on symbiotic species (= living with people all the time). Disinsectization has an important sanitary role.

Why do we need disinsectization? Insect has strong reproduction skills. To eliminate insect, extermination of 95 - 99 % is necessary. Otherwise, there would be much more of it soon.

  • By undertaking disinsectization services Desinsekta follows all valid sanity regulations, according to National Health Institute (Státní zdravotní ústav, Prague), EU and HACCP regulations.
  • One time raids and complex solutions according to year jobs schedule.
  • Monitoring pets and analyse it closely including proposition of the best sanitation method.
  • Pest identification (including mites) and sanitation technologies in Pilsen and surroundings – free.
  • Using latest application technologies and chemical substances with maximum environmental protection, harmless for people.
  • Supervising change of basic chemical structures to prevent insect resistance (immunological reaction to certain chemical substance ) – provided only for regular customers.
  • Cooperation with relevant fire brigade services, town authorities and police in the frame of Desinsekta emergency services in case of emergency intervention, e.g. in case of wasps and other stinging insects.
  • Pest identification and preparation of chemical mixture you can apply by yourself.

Where can be insect usually found?

  • treatment of catering facilities (cook houses, fast foods, canteens) = cockroaches, crickets, ants, flies
  • agriculture facilities – flies, ants, bed bugs, wasps, ectoparasitic insect
  • school facilities – ants, wasps, fleas, mosquitos, crickets, earwigs
  • homes – pharaoh ants, bed bugs, limpets, fleas, cockroaches,
  • summer camps – bed bugs, limpets, ants, flies, fleas, wasps
  • medical facilities – cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, wasps, crickets, ants, spiders
  • houses, block flats, cottages - woodborers, flies, fleas, mosquitos, spiders

Little laboratory for customers

Since 1994, Desinsekta has been providing little laboratory as a special service for its customers. Insect, rodent or rot can be identified and the best sanitation technology chosen. The laboratory analyse also enables to choose best chemical agent or mixture. This service is free.

Disinsectization means

  • extermination of germs
  • rots removal
  • rots analyses
  • periodical treatment of food and medical facilities

Most often treated facilities according to our customers' wishes – in accordance with valid sanitary regulations are:

  • catering facilities
  • cook houses
  • medical facilities
  • disinsectization of dead people flats
  • agriculture facilities – stables etc.
  • police cages
  • cab cars, public transport vehicles
  • sport stadiums and arenas
  • other facilities

Germs extermination – Disinfection

Disinfection means complex solution to exterminate germs by chemical or combined methods, whose aim is to discontinue the way of infection from its source to a perceptive person.

In case of illnesses transmitted by arthropods or rodents, disinsectization or deratization countermeasures are necessary.

Our disinfection services range:

  • protective: carried out without connection to a particular infection source. Protective disinfection is an important part of complex sanitary solutions. It´s also our job to keep time schedule to carry out protection!
  • precautionary
  • source: our aim is to find and exterminate germs secreted by an infected host
  • repressive

How to fight rots?

Our offer

• germs extermination
• rots removal
• rots analyses
• periodical treatment of food and medical facilities

Desinsekta company has been specialized to rots removal since its foundation. Sanitation is carried out in a close coordination with relevant sanitary service authorities.

Rots - Our solution

  1. Sample a particular rot and analyse it - this service is free.
  2. Choose the best sanitary method and the most appropriate means.
  3. Carry out sanitary method and win over the unpleasant rot.

Why are rots dangerous to people

  • It´s proven, that rots can secrete dangerous substances, such as different kinds of alcohol, aldehydes, ketone, ether, ester etc. These substances strongly irritate human mucosa, eyes and cause breathing problems and headaches.
  • Rots contain allergens, which cause allergic and asthmatic problems, especially regarding children, older or sensitive people.
  • Police cages, cars, cabs, public transport vehicles, sport arenas and other facilities according to valid sanitary regulations
  • Rots can be responsible for serious diseases, such as chest troubles, cutaneous mycosis and gynaecological troubles.
  • Rots toxins are responsible for serious liver defects, even fatal.

Endeavour to prevent from rots. If rots appear, don´t wait and call us soon!

Rots are removed from

  • flats
  • food industry facilities (food stores, fish stores etc.)
  • block flats and other houses basements
  • medical facilities

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