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"Methodical protection against pests"

  • germs extermination
  • rots removal
  • rots analyses
  • periodical treatment of food and medical facilities

Most often treated facilities according to our customers 'wishes – in accordance with valid sanity regulations are:

  • catering facilities, cook houses, medical facilities etc.
  • disinfection of dead people flats, agriculture facilities – stables, cow houses etc.
  • police cages, cars,cab cars, public transport vehicles
  • sport arenas and other facilities according to valid regulations

Disinfection means complex solution to exterminate germs by chemical or combined methods, whose aim is to discontinue the way of infection from its source to a perceptive person. Disinfection can be defined as germs extermination on non-living objects and in internal environment (water, air etc.). The aim of disinfection to eliminate all pathogenic microbes, which could cause disease of a perceptive person. If disease occurs, transmitted by arthropods and rodents, disinfection and deratization are also necessary.

Disinfection is classified into protective, precautionary, source and repressive.

Protective disinfection is carried out without connection to a particular source of infection, even in the time, when there is no sign of a particular infection disease yet (hospitals, public transport, cook houses, canteens, children facilities etc.). Protective disinfection is special countermeasure against possible ways of infection spreading. It is carried out as a part of complex sanitary solution. Desinsekta company provides full service for its clients: takes over responsibility for data registration and job time schedule with periodically treated facilities. The client does not have to remember calling up regular Desinsekta services. Each term is consulted with the client, timing is tailored to clients´ particular needs. Applied chemical substances are approved by National Health Institute (Státní zdravotní ústav). Their effectiveness is measured continuously. In all periodically treated facilities, Desinsekta company is in charge of necessary change of used chemical substances to prevent resistance.

The aim of source disinfection is extermination of germs secreted by an infected subject – disease vector- to its environment. Application is almost identical to protective disinfection application.


  • germs extermination
  • rots removal
  • rots analyses
  • periodical treatment of food and medical facilities

Desinsekta company has been specialized to successful rots removal since its foundation. Sanitation works are carried out in a close coordination with relevant sanitary service authorities. Before any raid, is useful to sample rots from particular space and carry out construction survey. Construction mistakes can be the reason of rots and micro parts evolution. This service is free. Based on the rots or sample analyse, best sanitary procedure and sanitary substances are chosen. A rot is one of most unpleasant factor in human´s life. It damages human´s health in many regards.

Why are rots dangerous to people

It is proven that rots can secrete dangerous substances, such as different types of alcohol, aldehydes, ketone, ether, ester etc. These substances strongly irritate human mucosa, eyes and cause headaches. Rots also contain allergens, which cause allergic and asthmatic problems, especially regarding children, older or sensitive people. Rots can be responsible for serious diseases, such as chest troubles, cutaneous mycosis, nails mycosis and gynaecological troubles. Rots toxins are responsible for serious liver defects, even fatal. It is recommended to keep specific conditions (minimize humidity etc.) to prevent rots evolution. If rots appear, react immediately and eliminate them. More rots mean higher costs to remove them and the sanitary risk increases as well.

Most often jobs

  • rots in flats
  • food industry facilities (fruit stores, fish stores etc.)
  • rots in block flats and other houses basements
  • elimination of rots in medical facilities etc.

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