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"Methodical protection against pests"

Deratization includes:

  • Extermination of all harmful or difficult rodents, such as sewer rats, rats, home and field mice etc.
  • Elaborating year schedule of protecting all buildings against rodents
  • Undertaking complex deratization of towns and villages
  • Using up to date available technology
  • Maximum environment protection

Deratization means all the countermeasures against rodents, including their prevention! We give pets no chance to live together with you..

Pest control

  1. symbiotic rodents = living with people all the time
  2. non symbiotic rodents = living with people only seasonally

Pest control


  • protects human health
  • prevents damages on property, fields etc.

Our strong points

  • Deratization is undertaken in accordance with valid regulations of National Health Institute, Prague (Státní zdravotní ústav Praha) and relevant methodology including filling controls and dead rodents collection.
  • Providing cities and villages deratization including full documentation and final reports
  • Year jobs schedule – elaborated for many Desinsekta clients – and undertaking jobs in accordance with relevant sanitary and HACCP regulations.

Did you know, that..

  • each rodent consumes about 10 kg of feed per year.
  • one pair of sewer rat yearly produces about 3 kg of droppings and 12 kg of urine.
  • estimated damage costs in the Czech Republic are CZK 300 Mio per year.
  • rodents can swim up to 800 m distance, and can keep their breath under water for 30 seconds.
  • rodents can skilfully climb glassy walling or other similar surface.
  • rodents can jump up to 120 cm distance.
  • rodents can jump from the spot up to 77 cm high.
  • rodents can escape through every hole wider than 1,25 cm2.

Beware of epidemic

Beware of disease transmission from rodents! Do you know which diseases are transmitted?


Let´s have a closer look

  • Sewer rats and rats are disease vectors for Veil jaundice, which is caused by leptospirosis. There can have plague, tularaemia (rabbit fever) ,Listeria infection, sodoku (rat-bite fever), pneumoconiosis, salmonellosis.
  • Common house mice can transmit salmonellosis, meningitis, tularaemia (rabbit fever), pneumoconiosis
  • Other rodents can transmit viral encephalitis.
  • They are also host of flees, ticks and mites dangerous to people.
  • The most common facilities Desinsekta company operates at are: canteens, school facilities, stores and supermarkets, agriculture facilities, homes, sewerage systems, golf and other sport facilities, horticulture facilities, towns and villages.

Desinsekta company guarantees no more problems with rodents by using granulate, paraffin, block, sausages, fill, gas, grains etc.


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