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Desinsekta - deratizace, desinsekce a desinfekce

About us

About us

„Expert deratization, disinsectization and disinfection belong to one of the most important human activities, which influences public health significantly- see Law No. 258/2000 Digest ´Protection of public health´ (Zákon o ochraně veřejného zdraví). So called DDD activities provide also good human living conditions in the space protected from not desirable influences (such as pests, infections etc.). These conditions cannot be reached by any other means.”

DDD activities are the way to basic sanitary comfort, public health and good living conditions not only in t food or tourist industry, but also in our homes and regarding all other property.

The most important part of these activities is every single DDD professional. His opinion, experience, knowledge and professionalism are the very first and fundamental presumption to act effectively. These requirements are proven by specialization, practice, following education and before all demands to personal involvement, responsibility and diligence of all people in this industry.

Especially the interest in continuous updating of newly developed substances and procedures together with request for exchanging experiences and knowledge lead DDD Association (Sdružení DDD) to start its activities in the Czech Republic. Professionalism and efficiency of all involved companies is increased by DDD Association influence all the time. As a member of DDD Association, committee and executive head of Desinsekta Company I´m the supervising setting up company procedures, substances and company employees they are able to reach best qualities and effective standards comparable with other EU countries.

The Desinsekta company, s.r.o. was founded in Pilsen in 1990. It´s founder and executive head is a holder of master diploma in given field and also a member of DDD Association (Association of employees in disinfection, deratization, disinsectization industry in the Czech Republic - Sdružení pracovníků dezinfekce, dezinsekce, deratizace České republiky). He also belongs to European association CEPA and member of DDD Association committee.

Basic philosophy of our company is providing professional service in accordance with valid regulations regarding DDD activities, with respect to long-term prospects.

Our main goals are

  • providing quality services
  • acceptable price
  • keeping environmental standards

What can we do for you?

  • Deratization = extermination of all rodents.
  • Disinsectization = extermination of bugs and harmful insects.
  • Disinfection = extermination of all germs.
  • Protecting wooden areas against woodborers and funguses.
  • Undertaking cleaning, keeping all sanity rules.
  • Preventing from weeding your grass areas.
  • Installing nets and spits against doves.
  • Expert consultation
  • Changing sand in the sandpits + arranging of sanitation works and microanalysis of rots.
  • Undertaking analysis of rots and removing it.
  • Arranging for car and container transport.

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